The Northern Transmitter (2018)

Album info:

The 3rd album release from Acorn Falling, The Northern Transmitter, released on cassette tapes, CD’s and digital download, Friday 19th of January 2018. A separate vinyl release will follow later.

Music composed by Lars Kivig
Lyrics written by Lars Kivig – Find all lyrics here

“The Execution”, “Peace is Over”, “The Transmission”, “I’m OK”, “As we Wait”
Recorded live by Louise Nipper at Soundscape Studios, Copenhagen, June, 2017.

“Morals Consumed”, “Transmitter Charging”, “Stages of Change”
Recorded by Lars Kivig at Vicious Studios, Copenhagen, 2016-2017

Additional recordings by John Contreras in LA, Thomas Wydler and Beate Bartel in Berlin, Zef Noise in NYC., Grey Malkin in England, Christine Owman in Sweden.

Album mixed by Louise Nipper and Lars Kivig at Soundscape Studios, Copenhagen, Sep-Oct 2017.
Album mastered by Stefan Noltemeyer at Mastering-Online, Berlin, Nov. 2017

A Vicious release 2018. Distributed by DME,
Cover artwork by Lars Kivig
Abstract cover painting by Pia Almstrup

Appearances in alphabetic order:

Anders Rex:
Guitar on “The Execution”, “Peace is Over”, “The Transmission”, “I’m OK”, “As we Wait”

Beate Bartel:
Female voice, morse code and transmitter control room effects on “Transmitter Charging”

Christine Owman:
Cello bow on “As we Wait”

Danny Søndergaard
Drums on: “The Execution”, “Peace is Over”, “The Transmission”, “I’m OK”, “As we Wait”

Grey Malkin:
Mandolin on “The Execution”

Jan Kromann:
Bass on: “The Execution”, “Peace is Over”, “The Transmission”, “I’m OK”, “As we Wait”

John Contreras:
Cello bow on “The Execution” + cello plucks on “As We Wait”

Lars Kivig:
Vocals, grand piano, guitars, electronics and effects.

Louise Nipper:
Vocal on “As we Wait”

Thomas Husmer:
Trompet on “Peace is Over”

Thomas Wydler:
Drums on “Morals Consumed” + Commander voice on “Transmitter Charging”

Zef Noise:
Viola on “I´m OK”

Thank you:
Meagan Palmer, Eno Valentin Kivig, Danny Søndergaard, Jan Kromann, Anders Rex, Thomas Wydler, Thomas Husmer, John Contreras, Zef Noise, Christine Owman, Louise Nipper, Beate Bartel, Grey Malkin

1. Morals Consumed
2. The Execution
3. Peace is Over
4. Transmitter Charging
5. The Transmission
6. I’m OK
7. Stages of Change
8. As we Wait

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