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Cabinet of Curiosities (CD)

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The Acorn Falling debut album from 2011.

Music composed, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Lars Kivig.

Guest musicians:

Cello by John Contreras on

“The Master Dive”+“Reaching For Stars”+“Sunrise”

Percussion by Thomas Wydler on

“The Master Dive”+“Lullaby for Saplings”

Saxophone by Søren Skov on

“Thermal Climb”+“Metachild Awakes”

Bass by Peter Lopes on

“Shattering Surface”

Additional recordings at:

Thomas Wydler Studio in Berlin, Germany, 2010 by Thomas Wydler and Beate Bartel

John Contreras studio in LA, USA, 2010 by John Contreras

Giersing & Myrhøj, 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Church of Brorsons, 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark

Literaturhaus, 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark

Mastered by Morten Bue at Audioplanet

Released by VICIOUS and distributed by VME

Cover art by Rikke Gantzel.

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