Acorn Falling started in the winter 2009 by Lars Kivig. Initially Acorn Falling was thought as a solo project of Lars Kivig but the creativity and ideas was evolving fast and Lars Kivig wanted new elements and instruments in the quickly growing track base. 3 months after the start of Acorn Falling, Lars was collaborating with John Contreras (Current 93 / Baby Dee). Lars and John had previously collaborated in another album release “Force Feeding Love” (2008) by My Beloved, and John’ cello was a perfect match to the growing Acorn Falling universe

Photo by Meagan Palmer

In Feb. 2010 Lars could announce another collaboration with the drummer and percussionist of The Bad Seeds, Thomas Wydler. Lars Kivig met Thomas Wydler at a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, show in Copenhagen 19th of May 2008, where the foundation for this later collaboration was founded. Later in 2010 Lars included the saxophone player Søren Skov to the Acorn Falling album project “Cabinet of Curiosities”. Søren was rehearsing his saxophone in the neighbor rehearsal space while Lars was doing recordings for the album. Søren’s saxophone was penetrating the walls and added a new and great texture to the sound. Lars knocked on his door and asked if they could do a collaboration. They did.


The 4th of April, 2011 Acorn Falling released the debut album, Cabinet of Curiosities that was received very positively by the press and music industry in general. A month after the release of Cabinet of Curiosites, Acorn Falling was head-hunted to play at the prestigious northern European festival, Roskilde Festival 2011, with John Contreras, Thomas Wydler and Søren Skov.


Photo by Meagan Palmer.

In the fall of 2011 Lars Kivig started working on new material for a 2nd album release. This time Lars wanted to add vocal to his sound and lift the mood into a more tangible sound-scape. Hence the fact that Lars is a vegetarian and very concerned for human interference in nature balance, Lars’ lyrics are addressing that concern in several songs to come.

Photo by Nanna Navntoft

In June 2012 Lars Kivig announced a new collaboration with the bass player, Peter Principle of Tuxedomoon and Zero Gravity Thinkers. This collaboration was met with great enthusiasm by both parts and Peter added groovy and firm bass on several new Acorn Falling tracks.

The 2nd album release from Acorn Falling, 2nd Plateau of Normalcy, was released 4th April 2015 on CD and Download. In June 2016 the album was released on LP vinyl. This second release is featuring, John Contreras, Thomas Wydler, Zef Noise, Peter Principle, Danny Søndergaard, Frederik Teige, Joseph Budenholtzer, Eno Valentin Kivig, Laura Noszczyk and Søren Skov.


Photo by Nanna Navntoft.

19th of January 2018 Acorn Falling released the 3rd full length, The Northern Transmitter.
An album that was yet again populated with prominent guests but also with a new core member base.
The new core members consists of Danny Søndergaard (My Beloved), Jan Kromann (Bugchaser) and Anders Rex (Bleeder and Music by Idiots). The guest list was yet again with Thomas Wydler, John Contreras as known guests, but also Thomas Wydler’s wife, Beate Bartel did both synths and voice on Transmitter Charging together with Wydler. Christine Oweman on cello and Zef Noise on e-Viola.

The 3rd release was received with top reviews from around the world and cemented Acorn Falling as a high quality project with a growing fan crowd despite the disrupting nature of the music.


Photo by Trine Sand Skjølberg

Acorn Falling have performed live at several prominent gigs. Here among others, Nordic Music and Poetry Festival 2013, 4 Hour Festival 2012, Roskilde Festival 2011, Festival of Endless Gratitude 2010. The steady band of Acorn Falling mainly consist of drummer, Danny Søndergaard (My Beloved), Guitarist, Frederik Teige (Frederik Teige), Sax player, Søren Skov and Lars Kivig on keys, vocal, guitar and electronics. Both Thomas Wydler and John Contreras was special guest appearances at the Roskilde Festival show in 2011.


Photo by Nanna Navntoft

Collaborations: Lars Kivig of Acorn Falling have done work with following musicians:

John Contreras (Current 93 + Baby Dee)
Thomas Wydler (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)
Joseph Budenholzer (Backworld)
Meagan Palmer (The Dream Lovers + Backworld)
Tomas Ortved (SODS + Sort Sol)
Peter Principle (Tuxedomoon + Zero Gravity Thinkers)
Jakob Myrhøj (Spastic Mama + Jakob Myrhøj)
Danny Søndergaard (My Beloved + Gangerpilt)
Iver Ask Overgaard (My Beloved + Of the Wand and the Moon)
Peter Lopes (Magtværk + My Beloved)
Frederik Teige (Efterklang + Body God + Frederik Teige)
Zef Noi$e (Psychic TV + Peter Murphy)
Thor Vincent (O.D. Dødsprinsen)
Ole Hillerup (Ole Hillerup)
Zani Talevski (My Beloved)
Thomas Husmer (Efterklang)
Jan Kromann (Bug Chaser)
Anders Rex (Bleeder + Music by Idiots)
Beate Bartel (Liaisons Dangereuses)
Christine Owman


Photo by Lars Kivig

(This biography are updated regularly.)

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