Among the best albums in 2015

Dear friends, the Swedish music magazine, Hymn, has voted, 2nd Plateau of Normalcy of Acorn Falling, as one of the best of 2015. Just behind Justin Bieber but ahead of Björk. Thanks for the support and interest! Cheers and happy holidays!

Full album download, free in December only!

2015 has been an amazing year for Acorn Falling. A worldwide release of 2nd Plateau of Normalcy in January 2015 followed by incredible reviews and feedback from around the globe. Ending 2015 announcing that 2nd Plateau of Normalcy will soon be available on vinyl as well, rounds up this year as amazing. To celebrate this, and to give you all an early winter solstice / x-mas gift, 2nd Plateau of Normalcy, is free to download, in December only!

"2nd Plateau of Normalcy" on vinyl

Great news from Acorn Falling! The board of the Danish Artist Association (Dansk Artist Forbund) has granted Acorn Falling financial support to have, 2nd Plateau of Normalcy, pressed and released on vinyl! Thank you DAF for the support and interest! More details about the vinyl release date will be posted soon! Besides that, Acorn Falling is currently working on new material for an upcoming 3rd official full lenght. In December, Acorn Falling will be announcing new show dates for 2016, news on the upcoming vinyl and 3rd album details. Until then,